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INVERSIUM, as professionals in the real estate sector, are in complete agreement with the view of other experts that the Spanish market has reached its peak and that this can be clearly seen in house prices and in the significant decrease in sales and demand.

We have developed a profound knowledge of the Romanian market, aided by the family ties of one of our associates who is resident in Romania. We have also seen the incredible business opportunities available in that country which other European investors from Germany, France and Italy have already been enjoying for some years. We have therefore decided to invest.

Our own investments in Romania have resulted in spectacular profits, (More than 100% profitability per year) and led us to open this market to Spanish investors.

The INVERSIUM team will help you to make the best investment in Romania and to obtain  maximum profits.

Our team will advise and accompany you at all times, taking care of and monitoring all the phases of the operations as well as answering any questions that you may have.

INVERSIUM generates value for its clients, establishing a close personal relationship that is based on transparency and honesty.
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