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Why Romania?

Because Romania has become the second most attractive market in central Europe after Poland. See map of Rumania (External link)

Because Romania has been a member of the European Union since January 2007.

Because, in the next few years, the country will receive more than 250,000 million euros from European development funds. And this is without counting the high and growing level of foreign capital investment. This is especially true in the real estate sector, with spectacular expectations for appreciation (More than 400% in the next 10 years).

Because economic reports made by the Commercial and Economic Office of the Spanish Embassy in Bucharest give strong support to Spanish investment in this country.

Because investments like that of a Spanish company, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia) and the PIMEC (Association of small and medium-sized companies in Catalonia), which acquired 880,000 m2 of industrial land in Brasov with the intention of creating a business park, is an example of support for investment in Romania.

And all of this comes with the same legal guarantees as in Spain - the system is very similar: Real Estate Registry Office, Property Registry Office, purchase before Notary, etc.

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